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Boat review: Quarken 27 Cabin

Boating New Zealand

“After all, how different could a 27-foot, outboard-powered cabin boat weighing approximately 2.7 tonnes and with a beam of 8.5 feet (2.59 metres), truly be? Having reviewed numerous boats in this size range and with a boating companion who once owned a similar vessel, I felt I had a clear idea of what to expect in terms of dimensions, performance, handling, and fuel efficiency.

The outcome is a striking and genuinely innovative design that has already secured Motorboat of the Show at the Helsinki International Boat Show, as well as accolades at the Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Cannes boat shows in 2022 and 2023. The Quarken 27 boasts an exceptional appearance and is ideally suited for the challenging Kiwi conditions.

One of the most apparent innovations is the large pilothouse-style cabin, which is offset to the starboard side. The front window features a slightly reversed rake angle and a substantial ‘eyebrow’ to shield the glass from glare and rain. On the port side of the cabin, there’s a high-gunwale, single-level walkway connecting the cockpit to the foredeck. Daniel remarked that he had taken his family out on the boat the previous weekend and had never felt as secure boating with small children as he did on the Quarken 27 Cabin. There is practically no place where they might stumble and accidentally slip overboard – truly a family-friendly vessel. Moreover, its design would also accommodate individuals with mobility challenges, as the high sides allow one to move around safely without requiring constant support.”

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