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European Powerboat Award Nomination

Quarken 27 T-Top nominated!

During the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2022, Quarken 27 T-Top was nominated for the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year award. This award is considered the boating industry’s Oscar for the best new motorboats of the season.

Quarken 27 T-Top is nominated and one of the five boats selected in the category „Up to 10 meters“. The European Powerboat of the Year Award will be presented in January 2023 and the jury is put together from test riders and editors-in-chief of the leading European motorboat magazines. This makes the “European Powerboat Award” one of the most important awards in the industry worldwide.

Quarken 27 T-Top

From “Following the nominating-phase, the Jury meets each year again in November, to vote for the final winners. Criteria’s like workmanship, safety, driving behaviour, design, distribution of space and the price-performance ratio are considered and rated and compared on an internal scoring system. The boat that has the most points in its class, will be awarded with the well-earned title: “European Powerboat of the Year. The winners are announced during the Flagship-Night, which takes place during the first night of the BOOT exhibition in Düsseldorf.”

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