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Greg Copp reports on a craft that is new to our shores and with a DNA that is blatantly Finnish. 

Powerboat and RIB:

“Stepping aboard is quick and easy thanks to a deep full-beam bathing platform, covered in thick SmartDeck synthetic teak decking.

Storage sits below all the cockpit seating, and under the transom sunbed/seat are located the system switches. This storage section is by far the largest, and it can either be accessed at its forward end from the cockpit or its aft end if you are on the bathing platform dripping wet and want to drag out an inflatable. 

Cockpit innovation does not stop at the aft seating, as the cockpit table can be set in a lower position to extend the sunbed even further.

The 27 T Top can cut some impressive sports boat-like turns, with its twin-stepped hull hanging on no matter how hard you push it. The steering is light and responsive, providing plenty of feedback, and never giving the impression that you could inadvertently overcook it.

The Quarken 27 T Top is an impressive boat, and all the more so because it does not have a series of earlier siblings from which to garner design experience. It is a perfect driver’s boat – once you get behind the wheel you will be reluctant to step out. It also dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s, as its wealth of features mean this vessel will appeal to a wide range of crew members.

It has a fairly broad array of upgrade packages, most of which you would be hard-pushed to ignore, so the lowest realistic cost of the 27 T Top is pretty much as tested.”  

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