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Is this €100k Quarken better than an Axopar? 


“Is the Quarken 27 Cabin the boat that will snatch the Axopar 28’s crown? This 8.4m cabin cruiser with its offset wheelhouse does things a little differently and features one of the cleverest interiors on the market.

In this in-depth walkthrough review and sea trial, Jack Haines finds that there is more to the Quarken 27 Cabin than its clever internal layout and eye-catching asymmetrical decks. 

The wheelhouse is packed with glass and its seating is very clever with a great selection of different arrangements depending on whether the boat is being used for travel, dining or leisure.  Below decks, it has an open-plan double berth and a toilet with a sink that can be curtained off from the rest of the cabin. It’s small but sensibly arranged.  The top speed is 43 knots and the boat will cruise comfortably between 20 and 35 knots, 30 knots being the sweet spot.” 

Watch video below: