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Quarken 27 T-top 2023 Review

“The Quarken 27 T-top boasts Nordic design wrapped in a keenly priced package optimised for couples or crowds

The rush of European day boats to our shores is continuing as more water lovers realise they don’t need a 10-metre motor yacht to give them the deck space they need to enjoy family and friends. One of the latest boats to enter this market is Finnish boatbuilder Quarken.

The Quarken 27 T-Top is no ordinary day boat. While it borrows heavily from the Nordic school of boatbuilding, it makes enough of a difference in terms of value for money and design to make it stand out from what’s becoming a very crowded slice of the market.

It’s fast and eminently seaworthy, meaning it can easily handle a full day on the water visiting distant anchorages that will be beyond the reach of a lot of other daytrippers. And if the day is so good you don’t want it to end, the onboard comforts are more than adequate to keep everyone onboard happy.”

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