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Quarken 27 the trailerable boat range

Freedom to explore places!

A trailerable boat offers the possibility to enjoy boating in different areas and places.

Always remember that whether you can trail a boat depends not only on the boat but also on other criteria’s. It is a combination of several factors that affect such as boat size, trailer, towing vehicle (car), and a driver’s license that permits you to drive a specific size and load. Always remember to check with your local authorities what rules apply in your country.

Quarken 27 Cabin

If you are wondering what amount your car can haul you usually find this information on a sticker inside the door of your vehicle, if not try to search this information from the car manufacturers website or ask from the reseller. Theoretically the maximum towing capacity usually corresponds to the weight of the vehicle. 

There are several different types of trailers available on the market, both steel and aluminium. In general, an aluminium trailer will give you a weight saving. For a Quarken 27 a roller trailer is a good fit. Roller trailers support the weight of the boat with plastic cylinders and the cylinders help to launch the boat into the water.