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Quarken dealerships in Sweden

Quarken is pleased to announce the dealerships in Sweden. A warm welcome to Yamaha Center Stockholm and Rodins Marin to the Quarken dealer community. Yamaha Center Stockholm is Europe’s largest Yamaha facility offering customers the full Yamaha experience and portfolio. In addition to the main location in Haninge, Yamaha Center Stockholm also has a second location in Danderyd, Stockholm, and a third Yamaha Center in Örnsköldsvik, located on the east coast of Sweden.

Rodins Marin is located on the west coast of Sweden in Uddevalla with connection to the gorgeous Bohuslän archipelago. There is a strong boating culture across the west coast of Sweden and Rodins has an excellent location in the middle of this region.

“I am delighted to have signed the contracts with our dealerships in Sweden. This is a very exciting time for Quarken, with the upcoming World Premiere of the brand ahead, we are in a very lucky place to already 3 months before the launch have strong dealerships in several key locations joining our dealer network. “says Antero Sundberg, CEO of Quarken.

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