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Quarken partnerships with Agapi Boat Club

Quarken is excited to announce the partnership with Agapi Boat Club. Agapi’s vision is to create a whole new type of boating life focusing on freedom, simplicity, and environmental friendliness. Boat clubs are found in several locations in Sweden, Spain, Finland, Greece and UK. Apart from becoming a member of the Club, Agapi offers also alternative ways to have a boat. You can choose between investing in a Club boat or letting your boat be part of the Agapi fleet.

The partnership guarantees that Quarken boats can be experienced by a larger group of people in several locations. “We believe that boat clubs are here to stay and will be one of the most important platforms for boating in the future, when people search for alternatives to move to more sustainable boating, the sharing concept is a great way to do this. Our strategy has included not only to partner with the best dealers but also to look into new ways of boating and partnering with the best players in this area” says Antero Sundberg, CEO of Quarken.Quarken 27 T-Top and the 27 Cabin will be available for the season 2022 in both Sweden and Palma de Mallorca in Agapi’s locations.

Visit Agapis website for more information HERE