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Quarken – The Art of Nordic Boats

Inspired by the Nordics, built for exploring new horizons!

Quarken Boats is proud to introduce a superior new boat brand from Finland. First on the market is the 27 feet range that includes three distinctive and stylish models. The Open version that will offer best-in-class open-air thrills and a T-Top with a solid GRP roof for shade and weather protection for those memorable summer days on the water. An all-weather 27 Cabin commuter will be launched later. The range offers uncompromised quality to an attractive price tag.

Quarken boats draw inspiration from nature and the essence of the fleet lies in its beautiful simplicity and clean state-of-the-art Nordic design. The range is influenced by the key characteristics of the acclaimed Nordic style. Sleek lines and shapes, functional solutions, sophisticated details, and timeless finish combined with a fresh Scandinavian color palette.

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