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Quarken 27 Cabin (2022–) – The third part, the best part!

“The new Finnish boat brand Quarken, opened the game with introducing the Open and T-Top models at first. Now it’s time for the 27 Cabin, the most interesting model for the market in Finland.

Quarken 27 Cabin’s wheelhouse is placed off-center close to the starboard side. On the port-side there is a clear passage from bow to stern. You enter the cabin either through the side door on the port side or through the rear door, which consists of three sliding door elements that slide over each other and can be packed on either side. So at best, the back wall opens widely 2/3 of the width. Thanks to tall glass doors, large windows and a sunroof, the cabin seems spacious and bright.

The forward cabin is identical to the open models, including a V-shaped double bed and a toilet corner that can be equipped with an electric water toilet.”

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